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5 Easy Ways To Give Back

There are plenty of ways to give back, however, even when you're on a tight budget. We've compiled this list to show you how:

1. Clean up the environment

The cleanup of environmental pollution involves a variety of techniques, ranging from simple biological processes to advanced engineering technologies. Cleanup activities may address a wide range of contaminants, from common industrial chemicals such as petroleum products and solvents .

2. Like, Share, Retweet

What if you took the same time you spend social media scrolling up and down, you took the time to go to a friends page or website and share, like, or retweet something they feel worthy of a share. I know it sounds like something simple, but trust me it will go a very long way in building a stronger relationship with the ones in your life.

3. Do something special for a friend

If your friend loves special surprises or appreciates anything you can do for them, here is a gift that can go a very very long way. Buy a JJCarpetCare Gift Clean for a friend. We will not only do a clean but surprise them with a special gift to remind them of how great a friend you are to them. It is always better to give than to receive.

4. Read to shelter animals

Dogs and cats in shelters are often scared by their surroundings. The environment is unfamiliar and loud and they may be confused about why they’re there. Some shelters have come up with a unique way to soothe these animals’ anxieties: reading to them. Volunteers sit with cats or dogs in a quiet space and read aloud, helping to soothe their minds and improve their socialization skills—which often increases their chances of getting adopted. Reach out to your local rescue groups to see if they have reading programs, or if you can start one.

5. Write to patients at children's hospitals

Most young patients getting treatment can’t accept unsolicited visitors. But they’d love some handwritten “Get Well Soon” cards. Turn your next sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-movies night into a card-writing party for you and your friends. Pull out the markers, construction paper, and stickers and craft colorful well wishes. Drop them off on your way to work to brighten the days of kids in need.

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