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5 Good Habits You Do Want to Pass on to Your Children

1. Joy

I know, some people are just more cheerful than others. No matter your natural disposition, you can choose to find joy in your life. Focus on what’s good in the world and say it out loud so your children can hear it. If they hear you moaning and groaning all of the time, they won’t be able to cultivate their own joyfulness very easily.

2. Maturity

Do you blame everyone and everything for your troubles? Is the other person always wrong? Do you have an excuse for every mistake you make? Regroup and take a new approach. Let your children hear you saying things like, “You know, I did not get that payment in on time so it’s my fault I have a fine. Even though that was the week I got sick, I could’ve planned better.” If you equip your child with maturity, they will have a big head start on a good life.

3. Healthy living

No one is asking you to run a triathlon or switch to a macrobiotic diet, but if you’re downing sodas all day and bringing out the chips at night, you’re setting your kids up to follow your bad habits. And, sadly, they’ll pick up on it even if you’re giving them the healthy stuff. Same goes for exercise. If you’re a champion couch potato, your words of “go outside and play” will ring hollow.

4. Faith

It will make life worth living. Period. A faith-based life will help your children make sense of the world around them. Model faith for your kids. Pray. Attend worship services. Practice good deeds of kindness. Let them see you live your faith.

5. Learning

Stay a learner all of your life and let your kids see you do it. Read more than magazines. Learn how to do a new skill. Take an interest in the world around you and pass on that enthusiasm for learning to your children.

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