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5 Tips to Keep Your Carpets Looking New and Smelling Great

Cleaning your carpets needs to be pumped up on your priority list! No longer is cleaning them every other year or just on "occasion" okay. Stop those germs before they can spread to other portions of your home. Here are five carpet cleaning tips that will help you keep your carpets looking new and smelling fresh again!

1. Clean your carpets every 6 months

Yes, you read that right! Carpet cleaning every 6 months ensures that you are getting the grime that is hiding in those fibers! Think about the change of the seasons and all the dirt that is brought into your home during summer, all the leaves and twigs that are dragged through the door during Autumn, all the snow and ice melt that makes its way onto your floors during winter, and all the pollen that can fall off and find it's way into your carpet during Spring.

If you plan a carpet cleaning every 6 months, you'll knock out all that dirt and grime each and every time

Not only did JJCarpetcare clean them and leave them spotless and smelling new, they applied a Scotch guard spray as well to help prevent any future stains from ever occurring! In my busy house, this is a lifesaver!

2. Never rub spills

This sounds backward to what we were told growing up, right? Anytime anything is spilled, the first reaction for all of us is to grab a towel and start rubbing.

You may think that you're doing a great job cleaning up that spill, but in all reality, you're just helping that stain soak into those carpet fibers even more! Blotting up the stain is what you should be doing instead. Ball up the paper towel or cotton towel and start blotting over the top of the spill. Helpful hint? Always start blotting from the outside of the stain (the border) and make your way to the middle. Doing this helps the stain to stay smaller hopefully and not spread as you're working hard to clean it up.

3. Give extra attention to areas that are high traffic

We all have areas in our home that are traveled more than others. The path down the stairs, to the TV, or possibly even from the living room to the fridge are all more than likely high traffic areas in your home.

With those specific areas being used more, you need to be monitoring and keeping those areas cleaner as well. Carpet will start to show wear and tear quicker in those areas due to the constant use, and stains are more than likely to show up as well. Vacuum and treat any stains as soon as you see them to keep your carpet looking new.

4. Don't allow your kiddos to eat anywhere but the table

It sounds simple, but this is probably one of the biggest ways to keep your carpets looking new and smelling great. It may be tempting to allow them to sit in front of the TV and have a snack after a long day or school, but those bites of the sandwich can produce a ton of crumbs or jelly drips that will most certainly find their way into your carpet.

Make a rule that any food consumption has to be done at the table, and you'll find that your carpet will keep that shine just a little bit longer.

5. Purchase a vacuum that works well for the needs of your home.

If you have pets, you need a vacuum that can handle pet hair and other items. If you have children, you need a vacuum that can handle larger messes and if you have a small section of carpet only on your stairs, then shop for a strong handheld vacuum to do the trick. Don't skimp on the vacuum because its performance is what determines how clean your carpet truly is!

Having Sears out to clean our carpet was one of the easiest and best decisions that we've made since moving into our new home. The service was top notch, and the technicians were respectful of our home and did a great job to explain the application and cleaning process as they went along. If you are looking for a reputable company that knows how to clean carpets, give JJCarpetCare Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning of San Jose, CA a try and let us take your carpets from good, to great!

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